Best SEO Hosting – the ultimate list (updated 2019)!

SEO Hosting

With Page Speed having become such a strong ranking factor you need to make sure your web hosting provider is on top of how to fine tune their server environment to make your content load as fast as possible. While there are plenty of web hosting companies around offering different packages at different price points, you need to make sure the one you pick is a good match for your needs. When looking for SEO website hosting you need to pay attention to parameters such as WAIT, TTFB etc etc.

Depending on whether you rather focus on content related optimization or want total control with SSH-access the options look a bit different. Perhaps you don’t want to worry about installing packages through linux apt-get commands but rather focus on tweaking your setup with cache-plugins etc then a WordPress Hosting package might be what your are looking for. If you want to be able to fine tweak your setup and are not afraid of using linux commands, a VPS might be a better choice.


Best Web Hosting for SEO

Bluehost has quite an interesting offer:

  • They let you register a domain for FREE
  • A free SSL-certificate is included
  • One-click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Packages starting at $3.95 (a month of money-back guarantee!)

Sounds good huh? They’ve have plenty of different SEO hosting packages so click the banner below to get started today!