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Best SEO Hosting – the ultimate list (updated 2020)

With Page Speed having become such a strong ranking factor you need to make sure your web hosting provider is on top of how to fine tune their server environment to make your content load as fast as possible.

While there are plenty of web hosting companies around offering different packages at different price points, you need to make sure the one you pick is a good match for your needs. When looking for SEO website hosting you need to pay attention to parameters such as WAIT, TTFB etc etc.

Depending on whether you rather focus on content related optimization or want total control with SSH-access the options look a bit different. Perhaps you don’t want to worry about installing packages through linux apt-get commands but rather focus on tweaking your setup with cache-plugins etc then a WordPress Hosting package might be what your are looking for.

If you want to be able to fine tweak your setup and are not afraid of using linux commands, a VPS might be a better choice.

Best Web Hosting for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just about tweaking your website with keywords and meta descriptions for it to rank highly in search results. As competition for rankings continues to intensify, major search engines such as Google and Bing look at other factors such as loading speeds, server location, security, backups, uptimes and accessibility to determine the placement of your website in search results pages.

For instance, if a user is searching from the US, the search engine will display websites based in the USA in the first search result pages.
On the same breath, nearly all search algorithms take into account the uptime of a website. If a website is offline most of the time, then it is likely to lose its rankings. In any case, Google and other search engines want to give internet users a splendid search experience, and they can only do so by displaying active websites.
Essentially, your search engine rankings all boils down to the type of web hosting provider you select. For this reason, your priority should be to choose a host company that is SEO-friendly to enhance your rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here are a few top rated SEO web-hosting providers that you should consider for your website.

1. Blue Host

Blue Host needs no introduction as far as web hosting is concerned. The company is undoubtedly one of the largest web hosts on the market, hosting over 2 million domains and websites.

In terms of available services, Blue Host is renowned for its excellent shared hosting plans and optimized WordPress options. Customers can choose their preferred plan from up to four different options. The differences between these hosting plans revolve around available storage space, bandwidth and pricing, among many others.

When it comes to web hosting SEO services, Blue Host offers the following:

Unlimited Web Space

Blue Host offers unlimited storage space across all their hosting plans except basic hosting. Notably, sufficient disk storage is an immense SEO factor, especially for e-commerce websites and online stores. This is because it not only determines page speeds but also affects the performance of your website. Importantly unlimited web space allows for caching, especially if you have hundreds of visitors coming to your site every day. This ensures that your website can withstand high traffic without going down, subsequently enhancing your search engine rankings.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Bandwidth and website speeds are almost synonymous. Essentially, the speed and performance of your website depend on the bandwidth. A lower bandwidth may adversely affect the loading speeds of your website, subsequently influencing your page rankings. The good news is that Blue Host allows for unmetered bandwidth, consequently resulting in guaranteed uptimes and fast loading speeds.

Free domain

Bluehost lets you register a domain for free which is great if you are just about to setup your site and registering through Bluehost makes it easy to make DNS changes etc.

Free SSL certificate

HTTPS has proven to be a ranking factor so if you are serious about your rankings getting a certificate is a must. Bluehost lets you install a certificate with a simple click, could not be easier!

Website Statistics

Blue Host offers various tools such as Webalizer, Google Analytics and Awstats, which you may use to monitor and measure the success of your SEO strategies. What is more amazing is that all these tools are available to all subscribers at no additional costs.

2. Fat Cow

Fat Cow is an online brand that has been in business for over 20 years, providing incisive web hosting solutions to individuals and small businesses. Their focus is to help beginners and startups find the right home for their websites.

Interestingly, Fat Cow is a flagship of Endurance International Group, which also happens to own other web hosting platforms such as Blue Host and iPage. It is therefore not surprising that the company is highly regarded among the top web hosting platforms.

Besides offering budget-friendly web hosting services, Fat Cow is renowned for its excellent SEO solutions. Some of the important SEO factors that give Fat Cow a competitive edge include:

Decent Speeds

Fat Cow uses the latest, state of the art technology to guarantee decent loading speeds and high server performance. Consequently, high loading speeds enhance user experience, which is one of the factors search engines take into account to determine SERP rankings.

Daily Backups

Losing your data due to hacking or any other technical problem means that your website will be offline until you resolve the issue. Prolonged downtimes will subsequently result in lost rankings. Fortunately, Fat Cow addresses this problem by offering free daily backups.

Unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth

Unlike other hosts that might have caps on storage and bandwidth, Fat Cow offers unlimited disk space and unmetered bandwidth. These options are good for SEO, as they allow for faster accessibility and improved uptime.

Shared SSL

Security is a crucial factor as far as page rankings are concerned. Popular search engines such as Google always strive to protect users by only ranking secure websites. With this in mind, it is prudent that you invest in Socket Secure Layer encryption to protect your website. Fat Cow offers shared SSL that goes a long way to protect your website from hackers.

3. HostGator

HostGator is another reputable company that is popular for its wide range of incisive web hosting solutions. The company offers shared, cloud, VPS, WordPress, reseller and dedicated hosting plans at affordable prices.

Launched in 2002, HostGator has experienced significant growth to become one of the leading web hosting platforms available today. The company supposedly hosts over 9 million websites across the globe.

In terms of SEO solutions, HostGator offers the following:

High Uptime Guarantee

For your website to rank highly, it must be accessible at all times. Too many downtimes will force visitors to search for other websites, subsequently leading to a drop in rankings. With this in mind, it is imperative that you enlist a reliable host that offers a higher uptime guarantee. HostGator has an excellent uptime guarantee of 99.9%. This ensures that your website stays up and running for most of the time.

Free Website Transfer

Migrating from one host to another can be a challenging task, as it involves expertly moving different files and elements of your website to your new hosting provider. Transferring these files to your new host might take a long time, subsequently rendering your site offline during the migration period. In addition, changing your DNS records can have adverse effects on your traffic and rankings. Nevertheless, by joining HostGator, you can enjoy fast website transfers at no additional costs. These transfers ensure that your website is up and running within no time, without harming your SEO tweaks.

Responsive Support Team

When searching for a SEO-friendly host, always consider the company’s support team. In any case, you will need assistance to handle any issues affecting the optimal running of your website. Apparently, HostGator offers round-the-clock support via email, live chat and phone. A responsive support team is good for SEO as it ensures that your site is online consistently.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Web Space

Unlimited bandwidth allows for fast access and quick loading speeds. Essentially, it will take a very short time for your website to load if your host is offering unlimited bandwidth. This will improve user experience and retain your visitors, hence improving your rankings.

4. WP Engine

As the name suggests, WP Engine is an online brand that offers web hosting services tailored for WordPress websites. The company positions itself as the go-to option for both small businesses and global enterprises that run WordPress websites.

What makes WP Engine different is that they offer custom hosting plans for the ultimate WordPress experience. In addition, customers get to enjoy incisive services, which include unrivaled speed, top-class security and scalability.

As far as SEO is concerned, WP Engine offers the following:

 Fast Page Speeds.

Popular search engines such as Google often take into account loading speeds in its ranking algorithm. In essence, your website is more likely to have a higher ranking in search results if your pages load quickly and they are easily accessible. WP Engine uses a comprehensive page caching system known as Evercache to optimize your website for speed. This caching system also optimizes your site for a fast mobile performance.

Website Security

Google recently announced that they would start penalizing websites that use HTTP rather than HTTPS. This drastic measure is to ensure that only trustworthy sites appear on the first pages of search results. For this reason, it is imperative that you secure your website using an SSL certificate. The WP Engine offers a free SSL certificate to all account holders to secure their URLs.

 Multiple Data Centers

As you might be aware, the server location dictates how fast your website is accessible. It also determines the page rankings of your website in that particular location. Search engines display results based on the location of the searcher. For this reason, it is only logical that you select a server location that is as close as possible to your target audience.

Interestingly, WP Engine has multiple data centers located across the globe in countries such as Germany, Japan, Australia, Ireland, USA and Canada. This gives website owners the freedom to choose a data center that meets their needs and preferences.

Latest Tools & Plugins

For your SEO campaign to bear desirable results, it is important to update your website using the latest plugins. WP Engine offers its subscribers the latest SEO tool and plugins that you can use to optimize your WordPress website for better rankings.

WP Engine is without a doubt a SEO-friendly web hosting platform. However, the company mainly focuses on WordPress websites, meaning that you may have challenges if you are running a website based on a different content management system.

5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a fast-growing, independent web hosting company based in Michigan, USA. The company offers a wide range of high-powered hosting options, including shared Linux hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated server solutions. What is more surprising is that the company offers tailored hosting solutions to meet your unique needs.

As far as SEO hosting is concerned, A2 Hosting ranks highly as one of the best SEO-friendly companies in the industry. Some of the offerings related to search engine optimization include:

Free Account Migration

The process of transferring your website from one host to another is a long and tedious process. Furthermore, moving all the components requires the effort of an expert so as not to interfere with the SEO tweaks, and to guarantee that the process is fast with minimal downtimes. A2 Hosting offers free account migration to ensure that your website is up and running within no time.

99.9 Uptime Commitment

Uptime is very important for SEO, since search engines normally penalize websites that experience too many downtimes. If your site is offline most of the time, you are likely to drop down in your search result rankings. Fortunately, A2 Hosting offers 99.9 percent uptime, which is sufficient for a splendid SEO performance.

Fast Servers

Besides having a higher uptime, A2 Hosting has exceptionally fast servers. The company claims that their servers are comparatively 20 times faster to conventional servers, subsequently allowing for faster loading times and better SEO rankings.

Attracta SEO Service

A2 Hosting has an in-house SEO service known as Attracta. This service consists of a number of SEO tools and plugins available directly from the control panel. You can use these tools to optimize your website for better page rankings in search results. The best part is that Attracta is available at no additional costs.

Global Data Centers

As mentioned earlier, the physical location of your server matters as far as SEO is concerned. Essentially, it determines how slow or fast your visitors can access your page. It also determines how your pages rank in a particular region. For these reasons, it is always good to host your website near your target audience. A2 Hosting has multiple data centers in Michigan, Arizona, Amsterdam and Singapore.

Like any other web-hosting platform, A2 Hosting is not perfect. The company has a few flaws. These include inadequate structured price plans, poor on-boarding and unrelenting upselling. The good news is that these few shortcomings are negligible and they do not affect SEO rankings.

6. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a web hosting company renowned for its lightning-fast website loading times and exceptional server performance optimized for WordPress websites.

Formerly known as Traffic Planet, WPX Hosting has since rebranded to become one of the leading web hosting platforms. The company offers a wide range of free add-ons, which are quite popular with most bloggers and website owners.
Some of the most impressive, SEO-friendly add-ons include:

Unlimited Free SSL Certificates

Security is a vital factor in search engine optimization. Search Engines always take into account the trustworthiness of a website in search algorithms. If your site is insecure, you are likely to lose your rankings. Nevertheless, WPX Hosting offers unlimited free SSL certificates to help protect and secure your website from all forms of online attacks.

Free Malware Removal

The aftermath of a malicious attack can be devastating. Besides losing your data, you may also lose your SEO rankings. Thankfully, WPX Hosting offers free malware removal to help restore your website and maintain your current rankings. You may also take advantage of the free daily backups to restore your most vital data if something ever goes wrong.

Free Website Transfer

Offering free website transfers has become the norm with most web hosting companies. However, this is good for SEO, as it guarantees that your website will remain intact during the migration process.

Fast CDN Performance

WPX uses a custom-built Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure that your website is quickly and easily accessible. With this CDN technology, you do not have to worry about the physical location of the server.

The CDN will grab the most vital content and store it in caching servers near your target visitors. Besides, WPX Hosting has over 20 worldwide locations across 6 continents. This ensures that your SEO rankings remain steady thanks to the fast loading speeds.

Excellent Support

The relationship between customer support and SEO is almost synonymous. For you to enjoy consistent uptime and better SEO rankings, your host should always be available to handle any technical problem affecting your website.

Notably, WPX Hosting has a very responsive support team. The company promises to respond to your queries within 30 seconds, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

iPage offers cheap and reliable web-hosting services to small businesses and individual clients. The company has been around for over 20 years, but it was not until 2010 when iPage broke-even in the industry after its acquisition by Endurance International Group. iPage is now a household name is the world of web hosting as the company is home to one million websites across the world.

Apparently, iPage does offer SEO services but at a cost. You have to pay about $99 per month to enjoy the full package that includes content writing, website linking and monthly reports among other services.

However, in terms of SEO-friendliness, iPage seems to be a good host. You do not have to pay anything else other than the hosting fee to enjoy their SEO-related features. Some of the factors that we can root for include:

Uptime and Speed

High uptime and fast speeds are vital ranking factors. Your website must be up most of the time for you to enjoy better rankings. In addition, the site must have reasonably fast loading speeds to qualify for high page rankings. iPage promises 99 percent uptime and fast loading speeds, which is ideal for the ultimate SEO performance.

Free SSL Certificate

The use of HTTPS and SSL certificates has been a ranking factor for many years now. Google and other search engines normally rank websites that have SSL certificates first, before considering other HTTP sites. The reason for this is to ensure that users only access websites that are secure and trustworthy. iPage offers a free SSL certificate along with the SiteLock Security Suite for most of their hosting plans.

Scalable Bandwidth

iPage offers unlimited disk space and scalable bandwidth to allow for high traffic to your website without any negative repercussions. With scalable bandwidth, your website can handle multiple visitors without crushing.

Customized Email Addresses

Having a customized email address does not determine search engine rankings. However, you may use your customized address to further your SEO efforts. The idea of using a customized email address when responding or engaging your visitors is good for SEO as it attracts more traffic to your website. This in turn influences your rankings.

iPage might be an ideal SEO hosting option thanks to their affordable price plans. However, renewal costs are relatively expensive. In addition, they have a tendency of billing clients even before the scheduled bill date.

8. Dream Host

Dream Host is a privately held company that offers astute web hosting services and domain name registration. The award-winning, Los Angeles-based company has been around for over 23 years, providing professional hosting services across the globe.

What makes Dream Host different is that they claim to offer 100% Uptime Guarantee. They are also one of the few hosting companies that provide open source solutions to their customers.

As a hosting provider for SEO, Dream Host offers the following:

Lets Encrypt Secure Hosting

Dream Host offers Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to all account holders at no additional costs. Other security features include the Multi-Factor Authentication, and the auto-enabled sFTP. With a secure website, you can worry less about losing your search engine rankings.

100% Uptime Guarantee

It is virtually impossible to guarantee 100% uptime. Under normal circumstances, you are bound to experience some downtimes occasionally. The key to enjoying constant uptime is to ensure that your downtimes are as short as possible.

Dream Host promises its members 100% uptime, but this could just be another marketing gimmick. Nevertheless, if this is true, then you should expect better traffic and enhanced search engine rankings.

Fast loading speeds

Dream Host promises fast and reliable loading speeds. The company uses the latest hosting architecture to guarantee fast speeds and performance.

24/7 Expert Support

Comprehensive customer support ensures that your website is functioning smoothly and optimally. It also helps fix your web hosting issues such as downtimes, unauthorized access or hacking attempts.

Dream Host offers 24/7 expert support via phone, live chat, and email support. You can contact the support team at any time to sort out your issues.

SEO-friendly Domains

Interestingly, your domain name plays a vital role as far as search rankings are concerned. Essentially, the name determines your actual position in search engine results. For this reason, it is imperative that you select a name that is SEO-friendly.

Dream Host is not only a hosting provider, but also a domain name registrar. With this in mind, you can always seek their help to find SEO-friendly domains.

Notably, the platform offers relatively expensive packages compared to other providers. However, this does not take away the fact that the company provides exceptional, SEO-friendly web hosting services.

9. InMotion Hosting

InMotion is an independent, CNET-certified hosting provider. The company focuses on serving startups, small business, medium enterprises, and large business entities.

Established in 2001, InMotion has experienced considerable growth by investing heavily in top-class web hosting architecture. The company also carries out rigorous in-house training programs to ensure that their employees are up to date on the latest web hosting strategies required to offer exceptional customer support.

From an SEO perspective, InMotion offers the following:

Free Automatic Data Backups

Losing your data opens a leeway for you to lose your search engine rankings. This is particularly true if your website stays offline for long due to lack of backup options. Fortunately, InMotion offers free (automatic) data backups. You can use this data to restore your website in case of a hacking attack.

Multiple Data Centers

As you might be aware by now, the physical location of the server determines loading speeds and search engine rankings. If your website is hosted close to your target audience, you are likely to experience higher search result rankings.

InMotion has multiple data centers that go a long way to help reduce latency, improve speeds and enhance search engine rankings.

Advanced Security

Google search algorithm uses security as a factor to determine the ranking of your website. For this reason, secure HTTPS/SSL websites have a higher chance of appearing in the first pages of search results.

InMotion offers free SSL certificates to help secure websites on their platform. The hosting provider also provides advanced security options such as hack and DDoS protection.

Superior Speeds and PerformanceSpeed has always been a ranking factor ever since Google launched its latest search algorithm in 2018.

Apparently, for your site to rank highly, it must deliver fast loading speeds across all platforms, including mobile phones. Fortunately, the platform has invested heavily in world-class technology to guarantee superior loading speeds and excellent server performance.

InMotion is an excellent choice for those who consider automatic backups as a vital SEO element. However, the company has an unfair pricing structure. Apparently, you have to pay a full year’s subscription upfront to enjoy cheaper perks.

10. CloudWays

As the name implies, CloudWays is a company that offers cloud-based WordPress hosting solutions. In essence, the company uses virtual servers to host your website. This guarantees maximum speed, excellent performance, and foolproof security.

Notably, Cloudways focuses entirely on high performing SEO hosting, by offering the following:

Free Migration

By choosing to host your website with Cloudways, you do not have to wait for too long to transfer your files. Cloudways offers expert website migration for free, without altering your SEO tweaks. Furthermore, the migration process is extremely fast and seamless, allowing your site to stay up and running.

Optimized Stack

Cloudways runs an optimized stack for SEO known as Thunderstack, which includes web servers such as Apache, NGINX, MemCached and Varnish Cache among many others. This custom designed hosting stack focuses on speed and performance, by easing load time by 100%.

This means that your pages will load much faster, giving web users easier access to your site. With fast load times, you should expect your search engine rankings to scale up as more visitors come to your site.

Free SSL Certificates

As far as security is concerned, Cloudways offers a variety of options, including free SSL certificates that you can use to secure your website. You can easily deploy multiple SSL certificates to keep hackers at bay thereby enhancing your SERPs rankings.

1-Click Backups

Backing up your data is crucial if you want to maintain your online presence in case something goes wrong with your website. Cloudways offers 1-Click backups that allow you to restore your site quickly and efficiently in case of a malware attack or an unauthorized access.

The only downside is that Cloudways focuses exclusively on WordPress websites only. Essentially, the platform cannot host websites based on other content management systems.

Take Away

Establishing the best web hosting for SEO entirely depends on your business goals, needs and preferences. The choice also depends on your budget. Thankfully, most web hosting platforms are SEO-friendly, as they offer a wide range of features that can help improve your search engine rankings.

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