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Dubai SEO Company Receives Harsh Sentence for Stealing Meta Tags

It has been brought to my attention that a certain Dubai SEO company, nestled amongst the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and just a stone’s throw from Abu Dhabi, Umm al-Quwain, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Sharjah–all of which contain internet marketing companies offering SEO and related search engine optimisation services–has taken the liberty of copying my prized Meta description content and using it on their own website, without my permission and without proper attribution. This post is my response.

dxbseo unethical seo

Don’t Hire Thieves to Do Your SEO

Any SEO company–in Dubai or elsewhere–that blatantly steals content from other SEO’s websites…is one that should be avoided at all costs. Website owners in search of “affordable SEO packages and link building services” are more susceptible to being scammed by marketing firms like the one shown above.

Don’t Hire a Liar

Stealing content is nothing new…but in this particular instance, the thieves actually got someone at ZDNet to write a 2-page article about how clever their Meta description is (yes, the one they stole from me). Making matters worse, the guy who stole my content actually had the nerve to stop by ZDNet’s article and start talking about the “other” work he’s done regarding SERP snippets!

majed from dxbseo comment

Does Your Dubai SEO Speaking English!!?

A subtle warning that this company either doesn’t understand English grammar… or simply lacks confidence in their SEO skills:

questionable promises from dxb seo company

Cheap Imports

Here’s my original SERP snippet, followed by a cheap imitation from Dubai:

dxbseo steal serp snippet

Advanced Online Reputation Management Warfare

If you made it this far, congratulations. Here’s the method to my madness…

Did you notice that I never mentioned the Dubai SEO company’s actual name? The name is only used in the images’ alt attributes and in the <title> of this article. The reason for doing this is simple: I want to force Google to use this article’s Meta description for the SERP snippet.

Since this article’s Meta description is yet another meaningless sequence of W’s and underscores, Google sees it as a “last resort” option for displaying in the search results. Therefore, if I want my special hand-crafted description to be displayed when someone searches for Majed’s shady SEO company by name, then it can’t appear in the page content–otherwise, Google will show the on-page occurrence of the keyword being searched for. Ultimately I’m trying to rank this page for the company name, using only the title, alt attributes, and the anchor text of all those inbound links you’re about to point at this page.

If everything goes as planned, the results of this Google search will include something like this:

dxbseo serp snippet prediction

One Last Request

If you tweet about this post or link to it, be sure to use the company name in it. And for the love of everything holy…don’t mention it in the comments, unless you want me to hack your website to pieces.

…and by website I mean family.


Due to a typo in my custom PHP function–the function that said DO NOT put date stamps on the comments of this post–my snippet was date raped.

google date raping my snippet

I fixed my code, removed all dates from this post, and within just a couple of hours…Google had recrawled the page and un-raped my snippet. Looks best in Firefox; doesn’t work in IE. Click image below for full size.

dxbseo serp snippet
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