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SERP Snippet Character Limit and ASCII Art

Just as Google used to impose a 70-character limit on SERP titles, it also used to truncate SERP snippets after 156 characters.

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In thi till trill little litter fill! | Is it illicitly lil’ lilli! | If I fill ill jill I’ll frill thrill!

This post’s title is 107 characters long. In the past, Google would have cut off the SERP title after 70 characters.

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How to Spam Your Competitors’ Search Results

This is a quick experiment to add to my list of SERP snippet experiments. Here’s a glimpse at the post that links to my iframe file.

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What is the Maximum Character Length for a URL that Google Will Index?

This section contains a quick overview of the answer; if you want to know how this answer was achieved, you can read everything else in the article.

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WordPress Comments Slow Down Page Speed

There has been a lot of buzz lately about page speed. Matt Cutts has commented about how page speed might be added as a signal to Google’s ranking algorithm, sometime in the future.

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