Combin Review: How to find and maintain the interest of your target audience on Instagram

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Instagram has enjoyed massive growth since its inception in 2010. With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms for marketing brands. It has a highly active community that makes it a potential goldmine for businesses looking to increase customer engagement. Despite the massive potential that this platform holds, not so many brands enjoy marketing success on Instagram. This is because most people have trouble growing their follower base and maintaining the interest of their target audience. Fortunately, there are various tools that can help increase your chances of success on Instagram. In this review, we will walk you through a popular Instagram marketing tool called Combin and how it can help you stay ahead of the curve.

What is Combin?

Combin is an excellent tool that helps users with Instagram marketing. It is designed to help you find and grow an active audience on Instagram. With Combin, it is easier to gain genuine followers, likes and comments on your Instagram posts. The tool allows you to communicate and engage your followers, thus growing your Instagram follower base in a completely risk-free manner. Another thing you’ll love about Combin Growth is that it works perfectly on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Combin offers two products that help customers with Instagram marketing, namely: Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler.

combin products

Combin Growth

combin growth

Combin Growth has robust marketing features for audience targeting, engagement, and management. If you’re new on Instagram, Combing growth can help you attract followers. For old users who are struggling with follower growth, this toolkit can is designed to help you build a loyal community. 

Some of the main features offered by Combin Growth include:

  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Growth and performance statistics
  • Gender, language, and audience size targeting
  • Multiple account management
  • Non-follower detection
  • Track audience activity and stats
  • Repetitive tasks automation

Combin Scheduler

combin scheduler

Combin Scheduler, the second suite offered by Combin, is designed for convenient Instagram content planning. It helps you save time by scheduling your Instagram posts and stories for auto-publishing. This way, you can manage your posts in advance and focus on other tasks. 

Some features of the Combin scheduler include: 

  • Scheduling ahead and instant posting
  • Fully automated posts and stories publishing
  • Locations tagging
  • Image size editing
  • Hashtags and accounts mentioning
  • Uploading stories in bulk

Getting started with Combin

Before using the Combin platform, you have to download Combin Growth or Combin Scheduler from the official website. After installing and launching the application, it prompts you to log in with your Instagram credentials. Providing your login details allows Combin to obtain an access token from Instagram, so there’s no cause for alarm as no data is stored. Furthermore, Combin adheres to all daily limits for follow or unfollow actions, likes and comments. This way, you can never get banned or blocked from performing an activity on Instagram. 

In the next section, we dive into how you can use the two amazing Combin suites to maintain your Instagram marketing is in top shape.

Finding your target audience

One of the primary tasks every marketer performs is defining the target audience. Combin recognizes that your audience is the foundation of an effective growth strategy and provides several ways to search through the Instagram community. The tool offers three ways you can easily find your target audience. These are:

  • Search by location
  • Search by hashtags
  • Search by user

Note- You can also combine multiple modes of user exploration where you target a particular hashtag or location simultaneously.

Let’s say you run a business blog and want to increase user engagement via Instagram. An ideal hashtag to target would be #business quotes. Here’s how you perform a basic search

  1. Launch Combin and click on the Search tab. Hit add new search
  2. Type in the target hashtag and location. You can add multiple parameters by clicking on the plus icon
  3. Add more filters to your search by selecting the time period 
  4. If needed, add the range of comments and likes count you’d like the posts to fit in
combin search
  1. Enable the advanced filters and analysis button to specify gender, language, and audience size. This helps sift irrelevant users out.
combin search filter
  1. Hit the find button and wait for the search results. 
combin search results

Once the results are ready, you’ll have quite a number of posts with the target hashtag or location, as seen in our search case. It’s now time to follow audiences who can easily resonate with your posts. Here’s how you do it

  1. Find a user whose followers you’d like to target (this might be an Instagram competitor or influencer in your niche)
  2. Open the search tab and click users on the search type
  3. Specify that you’d like to find their followers, likers or commenters on the Search by field
  4. Enter the target account username
  5. Enable advanced filters and analysis to sift irrelevant results and get the most active followers
  6. Hit the find button
combin search advanced filters

Once the results are ready, you can schedule to follow users you’d like to engage

Combin search advanced filters result

Staying active and interacting with your followers 

Now that you know how to find your target audience and competitors, it’s time to keep your followers busy with relevant posts. One thing you need to keep in mind is that Instagram growth requires consistency. If you can do this, you stand a better chance for success. Fortunately, there’s so much you can do with Combin. The list is almost inexhaustible, so we will share three pro-tips that can help you keep your audience engaged.

  1. Find influencers in your niche using Combin and ask them to promote your posts
  2. Use the Scheduler to manage stories and postings in advance, so you can keep the audience engaged even when you’re busy.
  3. Take advantage of the mass-commenting functionality. If used wisely, it is very effective.

Finally, remember to track audience growth by getting Instagram account statistics on the Stats dashboard. Here is an example snapshot showing Instagram growth over a couple of days.

Combin pricing

Combin has a 3-tiered pricing for both Growth and Scheduler suites. To start with, Combin offers a starter package for free. This provides a convenient way to try out major features on the Combin tool. If you already like Combin and would like to unlock more features and functionality, there is a personal package that is custom designed for individuals and businesses with one Instagram account. We also have a business package that is meant to serve businesses and individuals with multiple Instagram accounts. Here is a summarized pricing structure for Combin Growth and Combin Scheduler:

  • Pricing for Combin Growth

Accounts managed115
Search results for posts2510001000
Search results for users5010001000
Daily in-app actions limit100UnlimitedUnlimited
  • Pricing for Combin Scheduler

Accounts managed115
Instagram posts per week3UnlimitedUnlimited
Instagram stories per week15UnlimitedUnlimited

Best Practices for Automating with Combin

Some social networking platforms such as Instagram are against automating user activity with cloud services, third-party applications, or specialized bots. This is probably the reason why Instagram introduced limits on hourly and daily activity. For this reason, we have put together some safety rules you should follow when automating Instagram activity:  

  • Always confirm your email address and phone number
  • Avoid automating activity on a newly created Instagram account
  • Maintain a consistent schedule for posting Instagram posts and stories
  • Use the in-app proxy setup to protect multiple Instagram accounts
  • Strive to stay below your activity limits
  • Be careful when automating mass-commenting 
  • Avoid spam-like behavior

Summing Up

Combin is clearly one of the best Instagram growth tools you’ll ever come across. If you’re looking for a reliable way to grow your follower base without violating Instagram’s terms of service, Combin will do the magic for you. Its feature-rich suites will definitely take your Instagram marketing game a notch higher.

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