Google Fucked My Camel

google-fucked-my-camel…Case Letters

Ok, I admit it…I just wanted an excuse to bring back my awesome Google character. But while you’re here, I’ll use this opportunity to bitch about how sloppy Google’s SERPs have become!

In case you haven’t noticed, Google has started really butchering page titles in its SERPs. In the good ol’ days, Google would simply read the content of a page’s title tag and use that as the snippet title. It was virtually guaranteed that whatever you saw in the SERPs was actually coded in the page’s <title>. The occasional exception was if the page was listed in DMOZ, then sometimes Google would use the title from the page’s DMOZ listing.

Recently though, Google’s brilliant engineers have decided that webmasters cannot be trusted to come up with their own page titles. That’s right, sometimes Google’s users see an appealing title in the SERPs, but when they click on that result…the page content is disappointing. (Imagine the outrage!)

Google engineers–instead of admitting that their relevance algorithms BLOW–blame this poor user experience on webmasters’ inability to write accurate titles. The solution? Ignore the real page title, and show a made-up title that Google has algorithmically deemed more-appropriate. Unfortunately, Google fabricates page titles like it handles synonyms: half-retardedly.

This brings us to today’s example of Google suckage. As far as I can tell, the example below is some kind of bug in Google’s automatic snippet generation. As you can see, the page title and content use camel case for WordPress and TweetMeme, but Google has inexplicably changed them to all lowercasein its snippet. I can’t find any other URLs that share this phenomenon. If anyone has an explanation or further examples, please comment.

Here’s my <title> content:


Here’s my page content:


And here’s Google’s SERP snippet:


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