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Repixel Review

In the increasingly competitive online world, every marketer or website owner is actively looking for ways to monetize their website. Regardless of the marketing strategy or method of revenue generation used, there’s a common starting point- targeting the right audience to acquire high-quality traffic.

The great news is that getting high-value traffic to your website is not hard. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on commercials, neither do you need to create a fancy or complicated opt-in system. You only need to leverage the power of already proven models that help generate healthy profits in the digital ecosystem.

In this post, we will walk you through a sustainable traffic generating strategy that leads to almost immediate profit. It’s quite straightforward in the sense that you only need to present your target audience with something they value, but this time through an amazing marketplace called Repixel.

What is Repixel?

Repixel is a new marketplace that connects non-competitive companies in the same industry and allows them to earn money by retargeting each other’s websites. It’s a pretty interesting form of marketing that builds on an existing concept of marketing called retargeting.

For example, a business that sells digital cameras and accessories can target the visitors of a popular photography blog. Similarly, an online business that sells hiking shoes and backpacks could gain leads by targeting traffic on a hiking blog.

As you can see, there are two sides of the Repixel marketplace- the advertiser and the website owner; but before diving into more details about the platform, here’s a background on how Repixel works.

Understanding how Repixel Works

Since Repixel is built around the concept of retargeting, you first need to understand what retargeting means and how it works.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of digital advertising that allows marketers to re-engage customers who have previously interacted with their website or mobile app. It lets businesses strategically place their ads to increase brand awareness or remind target audiences to make a purchase.

Almost every user has probably experienced retargeting when browsing the web- let’s say you added a gaming laptop to your shopping cart but later decided not to complete the purchase. In the next couple of weeks or months, you will see a noticeable surge in the number of follow up advertisements for gaming laptops or the product you searched. That’s retargeting at work.

How exactly does this happen? The business owner adds a piece of tracking code or pixel on their site, which in turn puts a cookie into the visitors’ computer. The cookie keeps track of the pages visited by the customer and shares this information to an ad network, so the business owner can serve relevant ads to the target audience in a timely manner. This technique has for long been one of the most effective customer acquisition and conversion-optimization channels.

With Repixelling, you can retarget visitors to other websites or mobile apps. In other words, you’re not limited to scale unlike traditional retargeting where you only depend on your visitors. Here, website owners post a listing letting advertisers know that they’re accepting Repixel requests. They also set a price for Repixelling their website and wait for advertiser requests.

As the bites start rolling in, website owners have the opportunity to review and approve or deny the partnership should they feel the advertiser is too competitive. While advertisers who use this cross-marketing strategy enjoy improved returns on their ad dollars, website owners, on the other hand, get a handsome reward for their partnership.

How to Get Started with Repixel

If you’re looking to give Repixel a spin whether as a website owner or an advertiser – the first step is to register on the Repixel marketplace. With an account on this platform, you can operate as an advertiser, a site owner or both. For site owners, Repixel prompts you to enter some sign-up information including:

  • The name of your website
  • Your domain
  • Company logo
  • Short and long website descriptions
  • Monthly volume of website visitors
  • Your pricing in CPM (Cost Per Mille)

The signup process is quite easy and straightforward. However, you should be careful to ensure your public descriptions represent what your website really is, and in a way that appeals to advertisers.

After filling out the sign-up form, you should copy and paste the Repixel code snippet to your website. No coding knowledge is required here, although some basic HTML knowledge comes in handy. 

As an advertiser, Repixel allows you to link your debit card or bank account to your virtual wallet. If you’re a site owner, your Repixel earnings are deposited into your virtual wallet where they can be cashed out as they accumulate.

If you’re on Repixel as a site owner and advertiser, you can transfer earnings to your advertiser account, thus eliminating the need to withdraw and redeposit the funds.

The Value Exchange and Cost of Repixelling

All site owners on the Repixel marketplace have the privilege to set their CPM (cost per mille). This is a popular advertising pricing model based on impressions. In the content of Repixel, CPM is based on a thousand page views. Assuming you list a website on Repixel for $1.50 CPM, your advertiser will pay $1.5 for every one thousand page views. Worth noting is that you can work with as many advertisers as you wish, thus giving you an opportunity to increase your earnings.

Using the example above, let’s say you allow 20 advertisers to Repixel your site and each has a daily advertising budget of $50. In this scenario, you can potentially earn $1000 per day. However, this figure largely depends on whether your website can generate enough traffic to fill their $50 daily order.

Out of your daily earnings, Repixel deducts a 20% commission. If your earnings on a particular day are $1,000, you will have $800 available for cash out after Repixel subtracts the service fee. As you get more advertisers and traffic to your website, so do the chances of earning more with Repixel get better.

This system presents a great opportunity for success considering its purely passive income that does not affect other revenue streams.

Is Repixel a Legit, GDPR Compliant Platform?

No doubt about GDPR compliance. There are no privacy concerns related to GDPR or otherwise because of neither the advertiser nor Repixel stores user data. All targetable data lies within associated ad networks such as Google Ad words, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and many more.

Worth a mention is that Repixel has successfully gone through Facebook’s app review process and received approval as a legit partner. As such, you can be sure the application does not violate users’ privacy rights.

Benefits of Repixelling

The Repixel marketplace helps people grow their businesses through improved targeting while presenting an opportunity for site owners to monetize their websites. Here is a summary of the benefits to both parties

For Advertisers

  • Value in branding – To improve the click-through rates of your ad campaign, you need to target the right audience. Using Repixel helps increase brand awareness in your industry as it helps you serve ads to people who are more interested in your offerings.
  • Lower customer acquisition costs – Repixel gives you an added reach to prospective audiences without compromising on the cost of acquisition.
  • Increased lifetime values – Apart from reducing the cost of customer acquisition, Repixelling targets audiences who are actively searching for your products or services. Such prospects are more likely to convert into long-life customers, thus reducing the low-quality one-time purchases.
  • Ability to scale – Repixelling eliminates the barrier of scale that marketers used to face with traditional retargeting. With a sufficient advertising budget, you have the power to target as many websites as you wish.

For Business Owners

  1. Incremental revenue – Repixel works in the background and does not interfere with other running processes. If you sell ads or run affiliate promotions, Repixel will not affect any of these revenue generation channels. Instead, it brings an additional income stream that does not disrupt existing business lines
  2. Unlimited in Scale – There are no limitations on the number of advertisers you can work with. The more the advertising partnerships, the higher your earnings. Not forgetting you can increase these figures by listing more websites.
  3. Control – Repixel does not approve all Repixel requests but instead gives website owners the opportunity to vet and accept or deny Repixel requests. If you think a partnership will be inappropriate for any particular reason, you can easily reject the request and move on.
  4. Risk-Free Monetization – Unlike other platforms that require website owners to pay the service fee upfront, Repixel does not charge you for giving the platform a try. Even in the worst-case scenario where a site owner receives no Repixel requests, and the net revenue is $0, they have nothing to lose as there was no initial investment.

How to make the most out of Repixel

If you’re a website owner looking to make the most out of your Repixel account, here are some pro-tips for you:

  1. Be responsive – How fast you respond to Repixel requests could mean the difference between sealing a deal and losing out to another site owner. It is therefore important to approve Repixel requests as soon as you receive the notification. 
  2. Be proactive – You do not have to wait for Repixel requests. Sometimes, reaching out to advertisers who you think would value your content pays off. 
  3. List multiple sites – Repixel allows website owners to have as many listings as they wish; so if you have multiple websites, list as many as you can to increase your chances of partnering with more advertisers. This will see your Repixel earnings skyrocket significantly.


Now that you know about the Repixel marketplace and how it works, consider signing up and listing your website to create an additional stream of passive income.

If you’re an advertiser, the magic around Repixel will definitely help build your online business through high-quality traffic and at an affordable small budget. All the best as you give Repixel try.

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