New ‘Comments Are Closed’ Filter Hooks for Thesis 1.7

I was looking at the code of the newly-released Thesis 1.7 theme for WordPress, and I came across 2 filters that I hadn’t seen before:



I wanted to find out more about these filters, so I googled them. To my surprise…there were zero results!?

It was at that moment that I realized…the World is counting on me to demystify these mysterious mysteries, for I am the chosen one. Fear not, my fellow Thesis theme users! I will share my great wisdom with you.

Where can I find these mysterious Thesis filters?

After searching through my local copy of Thesis, I discovered that each filter was mentioned in only one location:

thesis_comments_closed: line 110

thesis_comments_link_closed: line 14

Notice that these filters are not located in the same files. I’ve highlighted the directory that sets them apart.

How are these Thesis filters defined in the code?

Here is the php code of the functions that contain the Thesis filters:

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