Thesis 1.6 Made This Post Irrelevant

I need to put up some posts so I have examples to look at when I’m adjusting my blog’s formatting and layout configuration. My incredible SEO ideas will come later, but for now, I’m simply going to document my experiences with WordPressand the theme I’m using, called Thesis.

As I was tweaking the Design Settings just now (WP Admin → Appearance → Design Options → Fonts and Sizes), I discovered a minor bug/typo. As you can see in the image below, the instructions say your tagline will be rendered in the same font as your site title. However, after I tested out various configurations, I realized that the default font for the tagline is actually inherited from the “Body (and Content Area)” font setting.

thesis tagline fontThe highlighted text should say “body and content area.”

While inserting the image and caption into this post, I discovered that WordPress doesn’t render image captions when you have the HTML visual editor turned off under user settings (WP Admin → Users → Your Profile → Visual Editor). Turning off the visual editor also caused WordPress to decode my HTML character entities before storing/serving the post content. In other words, I entered →but in the HTML source code, it appeared as . Turning the visual editor back on seems to have fixed the problem (even though I’m still entering post content under the HTML tab and not under the visual tab).

Wait…I just realized the Thesis 1.6 stable release is available. Lemme install this thing right quick and see if someone caught this little bug…

Holy shit…someone DID catch it. Thesis 1.6 taglines inherit the font from the header title, just like it says it does. FUCK. Well…I’m not about to delete this post, because it still contains a lot of content elements that I’ll be customizing over the next few weeks. But for the record…you’re now dumber for having read this post.


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